Why am I doing an Ab Workout?

For no particular reason I decided to look into the P90X workout system. A guy at work had been talking about it and it sounded really interesting. Unlike other workouts that have you buy all sorts of additional stuff, like equipment on they sell, or supplements you can only get from them, they take a more minimalist approach. The goal seems to use stuff you already have like standard weights. Well anyway, I wanted to check out the Ab Ripper. It’s only 20 minutes which I can work into my daily routine and you don’t need anything special.

I gave it a try and failed miserably. I can do about half of the workout and about half of the sets of those. It is incredibly difficult. Not because they are hard to do, but because it really works those particular muscles. They are simple exercises like holding your legs straight out but about 2 inches off the floor. Seems easy for about 5 seconds.

They might be simple exercises but hell’s bells they work you over!

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