The short lived routine

Riding the bike in the morning and evening is fun and does work better for time but there is something about exercising in the dark that isn’t working out for me. I just can’t seem to make it work. I don’t seem to have the energy and I can’t force myself to get up.

I have tried something a little different though. I’m doing 20 minutes in the evening, but at a much faster pace than normal. I’m trying to keep things going at 17-18 while in the bike trainer. I normally go about 15 and make it a casual ride for the 40 minutes. I also try to use the lower gears and put more strain on my legs. Now I will make it easier and increase the cadence. It’s just something to do for a change of pace. Plus, I seem to leaving work later and eating later and I don’t like riding late at night because of the noise.

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