Let the beer sampling begin!

The time has come. We are poised to open the beer we made and see how we’ve made out. And it’s not just a beer sampling, but a full on BBQ! Oh yes indeed, we’ve decided to bring out the steaks, chicken and even some shrimp to set it all up correctly. We’re going all in!

The Verdict?

The Nut Brown Ale is pretty good. A little light on flavor but still good. When ice cold it goes well with anything.

The Irish Red is full of flavor and a ton of alcohol! This thing packs a kick! It’s dark and rich and needs some pretty strong food to go with it. Theo enjoys the hell out of it.

The Belgian White is just barely ready but I think I like it the best. The color is exactly what it should be and the flavor is very light and drinkable. I think this is going to be my personal favorite out of what we have. It needs a touch more aging but I’m really happy with this one. I’m all for making this one again!

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