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Ok, I seriously need to get back on track with the weight. I’ve been riding the bike and getting exercise, but apparently I’ve been just as serious about eating fast food and plenty of it. I’ve jumped back up to 190lbs which is 20 pounds more than I should be.

I’ve gone back to tracking what I eat with Lose It! and will make the effort to avoid the over indulgence and eating out. The main problem is lunch. It’s far too easy to go out to lunch, especially when my buddies are all going, rather than making something and bringing it in.

I did change that for today though. I brought in lunch and damn healthy one too. I’ll be eating a lot more fruits, vegetables and salads. I also need to make sure I do at least 30 minutes of exercise each night. That shouldn’t be a problem since I normally do 40, but I just need to make sure I do it. Time keeps getting away from us so I need to focus on that.

I’m going with the standard of losing 2 pounds per week. That seems quite reasonable and if I avoid the pizza and the hamburgers I should be able to handle it.

Mmmm… Hamburgers…

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