The bike is just mocking me now

Since I’ve bought the new bike I’ve ridden it exactly once. I took it out for a good ride around the neighborhood and then it’s sat ever since. It’s been one thing after another to keep me off it. The weather has been the major problem with rain and even hail coming down. Now it’s gotten colder again. Donna is made of tougher stuff than me and she is still riding her bike to work in the morning. That is just a bit too cold for me and my schedule is all screwy these days so I need to make sure I’m here for my early morning meetings.

Another week or two and I would really like to join her for some of those rides. I really want to ride that new bike. I even bought new commuter bags for the both of them; they should be here Tuesday. I’m ready to get on with the riding, the weather and work seem to be working against me. Donna has no such excuses and pedals on regardless!

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