I made a complete trip on the bike!

I don’t think this classifies me as a commuter though. I think I’m more of a one trick pony…

Donna and I rode into work together this morning. That was some really nerve racking stuff. I hate being in traffic like that and even though it’s Friday it only takes one crazy loon who’s late for a meeting and we’re caught up in his wheel well.

It went just fine though. I was nervous at the start but once we got off the main road I was fine. I had the bike completely loaded up this morning. I had my work clothes in the bag including using the side panniers (which are great by the way). And I even had my iPad back there all tucked in. With the panniers down there is plenty of room. They’re far enough back that I never hit them with my foot and didn’t even notice they were there.

I was feeling quite bold and daring so I rode the bike home by myself tonight. Donna does it all the time but it’s still new to me. I think she does a lot more "real" riding than I do. I did have a concern though, the clouds were gathering and the forecast was calling for rain. This wasn’t good since Donna had already left the building so I had no choice but to ride home. And since I’m a scaredy -cat I left work a little later than normal to let the Friday rush get well ahead of me.

It worked out fine in the end. There was some lingering traffic but they put up with me nicely. The wind was a bit rough though. It kept feeling like I was being pushed back. But I love that bike. I really do. Now that I’ve had a couple of turns on it back to back I really like the way it handles. I like the trigger shifters and I have the extra bar grips at the end of the handlebars which I really like. They’re great for just cruising along and give you another hand position.

The Topeak bag is great too. I can stuff all sorts of things in there including my iPad again. It does add some weight to the back and you can feel it when you start off or when you stand up to pedal. It’s not a problem it’s just something you notice. I was really excited about that bike ride. I don’t like the traffic but I really like that bike!

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