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I’ve started using another full screen editor called FocusWriter and I’m totally smitten with it. Like ZenWriter it fulls up the entire screen, which gives me this wonderful writing environment. Right now it has an Edgar Allan Poe inspired theme complete with full moon, scraggly trees and a place for the raven to sit. The main difference is this app has on the fly spell-check. Like Word, it underlines the word when it detects a problem. It also has an auto-hide menu bar at the top and an auto-hide status bar at the bottom that keeps track of characters, words, paragraphs and pages. It also has goal markers that keep track of when you hit your word or character limit for the day.

FocusWriter also supports themes, which you can make or download. I think this "Midnight Dreary" theme is a fantastic combination of dark background and subdued text color. I like the fact that you can have multiple tabs open at the same time. But the feature set is still lean. There are still only basic menus, no grammar check, no silly tables, no scrollbars, no graphics or Table of Contents. Formatting is for other apps, this one is about writing.

I really like these full screen editors. I love how they set a mood and block out everything else. I think ZenWriter is awesome, but this FocusWriter adds just a couple of niceties that make me like it a little bit more. I might change my mind again, but I think I found my new writing environment.


Look at this screen. That’s nice.


FocusWriter Themes

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  • The link for themes has been down for weeks. Do you know of another themes link?

  • Pete:

    Wow, that sucks, they are gone. He had a nice collection of them too. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a mirror anywhere. After doing a quick check, that seems to be one of the few theme sites around. I don’t know of another and have been making my own themes.

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