Happy Thanksgiving!

If I recall correctly, this is the first Thanksgiving I’ve actually spent at work. When you work a 24×7 shift the holidays get blown all to hell. Exchange Server sleeps for no man! We’ve been surprisingly busy. Not all of our clients celebrate this holiday and there are some in the US who think this is a fine time to sneak into their datacenters and make changes. Just because no one is looking doesn’t mean you should go and push the big red button!

So, things to be thankful for this year:

A job of course. In these tough economic times, having a job is always a good thing. Hooray for a steady paycheck.

The Mrs. – My best friend.

The roof over my head.

A car that works so I can go to work and pay for the roof over my head.

The people I work with (most of them anyway) and the people I used to work with (a couple of them anyway).

Refrigeration, because it keeps my homebrew cold.

Tablet computing, because walking around the house with a laptop was just too damn inconvenient.

And for all the good experiences I’ve had so far this year – The Rush concerts, meeting Dan Aykroyd, making beer, switching jobs (that one can be good and bad), my last child support payment, high school graduations and all the bike rides with Donna.

Not a bad list. I’m sure I’m forgetting some things…

Got any top items you’re thankful for?

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