I don’t like Microsoft Word as a writing tool.

What else have I learned from all this writing? I don’t like Microsoft Word as a writing tool. To be fair, I’ve been a huge fan of Word since it went all GUI with Word 6.0. The ease of fonts and headers and print preview is a boon. But as the years have gone by Word has let itself go. It’s turned from a lean and useful program to an overinflated, power hungry app that has more features than most people need. If you want to play with fonts and dress things up, Word has some nice features. If you want to actually get some writing done, it becomes more of a hindrance than a help. Apps like Focuswriter and Zenwriter are far superior at pushing you to write. Word fills the screen with buttons and options you won’t use and distracts you with tools that are buried under menus and hidden within submenus. I like the stripped down functions of Focuswriter because it gives me just what I need. When I’m writing I don’t care about fonts and styles and page layout or mailing lists. I just want to type and see what I misspelled. Give me a canvas and just let me paint.

As far as actually getting some writing done, Focuswriter is a much better tool than Microsoft Word. Has anyone else found their love of Word waning?

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