Lost a file? Index Your Files!

Ok, the amount of hard drive space I have on this machine is unruly. Wanna guess how much? That’s right, 19TB. I currently have 11 drives hooked up to this rig. Of course that means I have a few files lying around and from time to time I misplace where I’ve left one or two of them. But it’s alright, I have a solution. I’ve become somewhat dependent on a free little app called Index Your Files. As the name suggests it indexes all the files on your system so you can find them again. This is indeed built into Windows, but I don’t find it all that reliable and the presentation of information is somewhat lacking.

Index Your Files allows you type in the filename, extension, date range or size and it will go out and get every file that meets the criteria and serve it up in a table. For the standard file formats, .doc, .xls, .avi, mp3, etc, you can click the file and it will either open or play. You can copy the file from the location and put it somewhere more meaningful, delete it, compress it or whatever other options you have built into your system.

Finding a file only takes a couple of seconds even with millions of files indexed. And the index only takes a couple of minutes to make. I think it rescans and builds an index in about 10-12 minutes.

The searching is excellent since it can find partial names. It’s quick and unobtrusive. If you’ve made a mess all over your hard drive with files that seem to span volumes then Index Your Files is worth a look. Best of all, it’s FREE!

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