Say goodbye to 2011

So here we are at the last day of the year. I always feel utterly amazed when we get to this point. Where did all the time go? What did I accomplish? What will I do next? Where’s that bottle of champagne? So many things to think about.

Let’s see, for this past year, I bought a new bike, the Specialized Sirrus Elite, a bunch of N-scale train sets, a new computer, the six core Dell Studio XPS, lots of pocket watches, the Kindle Fire, a second iPad, an Amazon Prime subscription, a massive bean bag sofa, the Aerogarden, and tons of new software. I met Dan Aykroyd, bought a bunch of signed Crystal Head Vodka bottles I’ll never drink, and went with my good friends to two Rush shows – those were both fantastic nights! I didn’t read anywhere near as many books as I wanted, but did manage to read a couple books by William Zinsser, Zak Bagans and Fergus Hume. The iPad is an amazing reader that’s for sure. Books for Kindle or Nook? Who cares, iPad handles them both. I switched jobs and got in over my head with Exchange 2010.I finished paying child support as well as missed my son’s graduation because my ex-wife didn’t feel it necessary to invite me. Unfortunately we didn’t do any traveling this year. I was hoping we would end up going somewhere other than the beach. Savannah is looking good for next year though. I also bought a beer kit and made 30 gallons of beer, with plenty more kits waiting for me to try.

As far as TV goes, we watched some fantastic stuff. I watched all three series of Oz and James’ Big Wine Adventure which I adore. There was James’ Toy Stories series which was amazing as well. That is where my desire to have a train set came from. There was James in the Man Lab for two seasons and his Christmas Special, as well as Top Gear and Downton Abbey. Downton Abbey was an amazing show. The writing, the wit, the costumes, the story, it was spectacular. I can’t believe I have to wait until September to see more episodes. The wait is painful!

Let’s not forget Doctor Who and Torchwood, Burn Notice, Covert Affairs and White Collar. There’s also my favorites of NCIS, Dexter and American Horror Story. American Horror Story turned out to be a creepy little gem of a show. There was also the latecomer of Once Upon a Time featuring my friend Randy’s brother as Prince Charming, just FYI. That show has been exciting for both Donna and I. I had my doubts about a show focusing on fairy tales, but they’re making it work. It seems to be catching on too, when we went to see TinTin the other day there was a movie poster for Snow White and the Huntsman – a subplot right out of the Once Upon a Time story.

It’s not exactly fun working the last day of the year. Last time I did this was for Microsoft during the 1999-2000 switchover. Talk about lame! I had to be at work at some ridiculous hour, like 2am, so instead of going home or going to any parties, I stayed at the office with all the other sad faces begrudging computers. Worst New Year’s ever!

Sad part is, I have to be at work at 6am tomorrow. While everyone else is recovering, cleaning up and wondering what happened, I will be back at work watching over the servers. I’m still saying up until midnight though. I’ve week awake for New Year’s for decades so that won’t be changing. Besides, fireworks will be flying in celebration so I wouldn’t be able to sleep anyway.

There have been some ups and down, some good and some bad. Overall, things are looking pretty good. There are so many things I want to do for next year. I’ll need to write them down and get them organized. For the first time in a long time, I’m developing some motivation.

So how have things been for and what do you have planned next?

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