A couple of random thoughts for the afternoon


Coolest piece of technology for 2011:
Without a doubt it’s the iPad. I’m not just a lemming or Apple Fanboy, I tried other tablets and even have the Kindle Fire, but the versatility of the iPad, the volume of apps, the external keyboard, its portability and ease of use just make it fantastic.

Coolest piece of software for 2011:
I don’t know that I could name just one program so here are the apps I simply can’t do without anymore:
Index Your Files – Without it I’d never know where anything was.
TeraCopy – So much easier and more accurate than the standard Windows copy.
XYPlorer – The built-in Windows Explorer is a Ford Pinto compared to this. Tabbed file viewing? Indeed!
FocusWriter – As far as Word goes, the magic is gone…
Live Writer 2011 – It’s shocking to think Microsoft could make an Internet tool that worked this well.
Firefox – Regardless of version, it’s awesome.
Roboform – Without it I’d never be able to log into a website again.

Windows 8 or Mac for 2012?
Any bets on this one? It’s sad to think I’d rather have 7 than 8, but if forced to 8 I’m jumping ship completely to the Mac.

Best movie for 2011?
They were all so awful I can’t think of one. Change Up is the first one that comes to mind.

Best beer for 2011:
Irish Red and American Hefeweizen

Best TV show:
Downton Abbey
James May’s Man Lab

Best computer game:
Swords and Poker (iPad)
Minecraft (PC)

Best software utility:
Notebooks for iPad

Best Vodka:
Crystal Head

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