So how did that writing project go?

Well, since I had the time at work, I’m probably one of the few people sober at 5am on New Year’s Day, I put together all my writing journals for the year. The results are beyond anything I anticipated. I took all the individual text files and combined them into a single month. Each month was then loaded into Microsoft Word. At the end I had over 700 pages worth of text and over 507,000 words.

I’m stunned.

Not only did I not expect to stick with this project, I never anticipated it would be so large. While it’s not a story or anything publishable, I still think of it as a massive effort and I’m actually quite proud of it. I believe this constitutes the longest running project I’ve ever had. As I was loading all the entries into Liquid Story Binder I read some of my early entries. My writing style was pretty Spartan at best. I struggled to write a paragraph, and even when I did, it wasn’t always coherent. But I can see the progression. I can see the development. I can myself getting more and more comfortable as I wrote about all sorts of different topics. That is neat to see. Those first few jerky entries and now full pages of descriptive text about people, places, events, feelings and everything in between.

And I never thought I would enjoy the process so much. It was such a struggle to get started and now I feel guilty if I don’t write something down. Let’s not be foolish, I’m not going to claim I’m ready to write some novel, but I am a lot more confident in the things I do write. This has been a whole lot of fun. It’s also been interesting to look back over the year and have my memory jogged over something I’d forgotten. Or to look back and re-live something like the Rush shows. I even used my notes to confirm it was snowing on Christmas Eve of last year. None this year, just in case you were wondering.

I’m not sure what I’ll do this year. I have no doubt I’ll keep writing in my little book, but where do I take it from here?

Anyone else got a writing project that turned out far better than they expected?

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