The Savannah Haunted Tour

The haunted tour was pretty interesting. We toured the city by bus and heard background about many of the houses in the area. However, according to the yardstick used by Savannah, every house is haunted. If there was a death or tragedy in the house, which, considering the yellow fever, poverty, war, construction, slavery, battles, duels and piracy, then every place down here is haunted. That would also mean every other Civil War battle town is haunted too. But let’s not nitpick.

It was a lot of fun to drive around at night with the lights off and heard some of the tales. The details are a little sketchy though. But I was just as amused at the other tours going on, like the hearse tour, the Ghosts and Gravestones and the haunted walking tours. There is no end of ghost mania that’s for sure. I think the walking tour would have been neat since they walk right past the old cemetery. Might have to look into that one for next time.

We also made a stop at an old hospital where they discovered an old tunnel, which for a lack of a better description is an old “body chute”. During the yellow fever epidemic it was a way to get bodies out of the city without causing a panic. But it’s original use was for some odd experiments on patients who died in the hospital. They built a small tunnel and a small examination room and then did as they pleased to patients when no one was looking. If that’s true, that’s some pretty creepy business.

Bonaventure Cemetery is still on the list to get to. It seems to be just outside walking distance and tour bus boundaries. Looks like we’ll need to drive other there ourselves or arrange a tour. I’m sort of inclined to get the tour so we can hear all the sordid details.

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