More beer than I know what to do with

I’ve got more beer than I know what to do with. Is that even something you should say? I have 20 gallons of beer ready to go into bottles, but I don’t have enough bottles to take it all. I’ve made a major miscalculation. I thought I had a slew of empty bottles in the garage. Much to my surprise they aren’t. They are in fact full of beer. Half my bottles haven’t been touched yet. I have nearly two dozen bottles of Summer Wheat, 16 1-liter bottles of Ginger Beer, 16 1-liter bottles of German Hefeweizen plus another 12 16oz bottles, 16 1-liter bottles of Belligerent SOB and 12 16oz bottles of that too. Good heavens! This stuff was all sitting on the other side of the garage and I didn’t know I had it.

Clearly I’m need to invite some friends over and get them drunk.

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