Liquid Story Binder – 70% Off – $13.78

Bits-Dujour is having a massive sale on Liquid Story Binder. You can buy it today for a mere $13.78. That’s 70% off the retail price of $45.95. That is one hell of a savings. If you’ve been looking to try out this program and get on with organizing your documents and doing some distraction free writing, you can’t beat this price!

Liquid Story Binder – 70% Off – $13.78


Aspiring and accomplished writers alike know that disorganized thoughts can be a maddening hindrance to creativity. Especially when all of those disorganized thoughts are spread across a maelstrom of notebooks, Word files, post-it’s, emails, magazine margins, storyboard sketches, and whatever else.

Liquid Story Binder is uniquely designed for authors, poets, writers, and novelists. No matter what your ability level, Liquid Story Binder will provide you with the tools you need to create, outline, organize, timeline, revise, storyboard, conceive, diagram, and format your work.

It even includes a built-in audio recorder in case you want to listen to the pacing and phrasing of a particular section, paragraph, or sentence!

Liquid Story Binder is completely customizable. Choose a color scheme that suits you, save window positions and open files, create workspaces, open dozens of windows simultaneously or just a simple textbox centered in the screen… it’s up to you, your comfort zone, and your writing style!

Can’t remember where you wrote that important paragraph? A Universal Search feature makes finding it a snap. Search every Chapter, Note, Builder, Timeline, Storyboard, Outline, Dossier, Sequence and Backup for a single lost word or phrase. Plus, the Repetition Visualizer helps you to find and weed out repetitive words and phrases, at-a-glance!

Extremely adaptable, Liquid Story Binder utilizes common TXT, RTF, and ZIP file formats, guaranteeing future access. It can be stored and executed off of a portable USB drive, and automatically creates an easy-to-access backup file with an entry for each day’s changes.

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