FocusWriter Themes

I’ve been using FocusWriter for several months now and have all but replaced Microsoft Word. I find the full screen editing, multiple tabs, the ability to change the background and font colors to be so enjoyable that Word seems painful to me these days. In fact, compared to the straightforward features of FocusWriter, Word feels like it gets in the way of writing more than it helps with the process.

To that end I’ve made some themes to help inspire and motive my writing process. I’ve decided to share those to any and all who want to download them. Making a theme is actually quite easy, so feel free to make adjustments and customize as you see fit. I’ll be including links to the original background wallpapers as well as the fonts used. I seem to be developing a theme for just about every mood.

If you don’t already have a copy of FocusWriter, you can download it here – Download FocusWriter from


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