And then I bought some land

It’s been a long held goal of mine to own some property. Nothing too fancy, just a small little place surrounded by trees, away from the prying eyes of neighbors and the HOA. A small little plot to grown some vegetables, have a campfire and escape the everyday. I’ve held onto this idea since my days in Colorado. I loved going to the mountains, cooking hotdogs over the open fire, walks in the woods and the general tranquility of it all. To tell the truth, they’re some of the best memories I have of my day.

Well, the Mrs. and I have taken a giant step forward and actually secured ourselves a plot of land. We’ve been looking on and off for nearly 5 years and when we least expect it, a deal came along.

I’m quite excited about this place. It has a small little cabin, lots of trees – pine, cedar, sweet gum and oak, it has a creek, there’s plenty of room to walk around and lots of open area to work with. I plan to set up a mountain bike trail, archery range, ride an ATV, go mad with a chainsaw and maybe even plant some bamboo.

There is the slight problem of no water or septic, but those shall be dealt with in due coarse. You can fully expect me to dig and build and outhouse for the time being. If you’re going to work the land you have to go in the wood.

Have a look at the new homestead and tell me what you think






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