Three and a half years later…

I was just looking back through my previous posts and saw that the server that just crashed was brought up at the end of 2008. In fact, it was brought online on the final day of the year. Since then, the server has been 24 hours a day for three and a half years. I can’t even tell how many times it’s been rebooted, it’s been such a rare occurrence. Even when I moved, the server stayed connected to a UPS and didn’t power down.

It’s been a stalwart machine and only stopped working because it literally tore itself to pieces. While the processor probably has time left on the clock, good luck finding EIDE drives in today’s modern society. And even if they did exist, they would be used and I’m not inheriting someone else’s problems.

It was a good run and lots of things learned. Now, let’s see what I can make out of this Hyperthreaded machine with 4GB of ram.

Behold the power of my new web server! – Circa 2009

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