And then I bought some Go-Karts

Ever since I was wee lad riding my Diamond Back BMX bike, I dreamed of having a go-kart. The power, the speed, the chance of flipping over. But alas, back in those days you either had to build one yourself out of someone’s used lawnmower engine or buy out of the Sears catalog. And indeed they were expensive. At least and expensive gift for a 10 year old. Even if I did get it, where would I ride? It was always these sorts of common sense details that thwarted me.

Jump ahead a couple of decades and now I have both the money and the space to ride one. But one simply isn’t good enough. Who will race me? Obviously, I need two. And that’s exactly how it played out. You do indeed get some odd looks when you shop for go-karts, especially when you need two of them at the same time. Oh no, you keep your ATVs, motorcycles and Utility Vehicles, I need a go-kart. By the way, can you deliver it this weekend?

I went to Hager Motorcycles and ordered up a blue and red version of the Trailmaster 150 XRS Go-Kart. To call it a Go-Kart is a bit of an understatement. It’s a mini dune buggy. This is the Big Boy model, none of that Mid or Mini stuff. I believe the specs are an 8.8HP motor with a top speed of nearly 40mph. And based on my best efforts, I think that top speed is pretty accurate.

I took these down to our property on Friday and spent hours kicking up dust around the perimeter. I carved a trail by crushing some massive weeds that looked more like corn stalks and rolled over dozens of trees and rocks. I was bouncing all over the place and quite probably did some damaged to my noggin. It’s probably not good to have your head shaken like that for extended periods.

Getting them down there was a bit of a trick. The original plan was to load them on a truck and trailer and have the guys from Hager take them down. In the end, I took them down there by myself and had a devil of a time getting the red kart out of the truck since they didn’t give me a ramp for it. It’s not that far of a drop from the truck bed to the bed of the trailer. Good thing the kart has a reverse!

In the back of mind I thought the kart might actually be too small and we wouldn’t fit. Not a problem at all. We have plenty of room, and the three point harness holds us in nice and snug. It’s one heck of a toy and if you have the space I highly recommend getting one. The next step up would be the Polaris RZR, but that’s just too damn expensive. It would be overkill. And we all know I’m not one to overindulge.

So my friends, if you have the space you need to get a set … of these and tear up the back woods. There is some serious fun to be had!

Trailmaster 150 XRS-Go-Karts-9-14-2012_001Trailmaster 150 XRS-Go-Karts-9-14-2012_003 Trailmaster 150 XRS-Go-Karts-9-14-2012_004Trailmaster 150 XRS-Go-Karts-9-14-2012_007 Trailmaster 150 XRS-Go-Karts-9-14-2012_010Trailmaster 150 XRS-Go-Karts-9-14-2012_012 Trailmaster 150 XRS-Go-Karts-9-14-2012_013 Trailmaster 150 XRS-Go-Karts-9-14-2012_014

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