FocusWriter Theme – Flaming Pumpkin

This might still rank up there as my most spectacular flaming pumpkin. The pumpkin itself was a massive 20 pound shell onto which I cut four separate patterns. It was done for the pumpkin carving contest at work. And as luck would have it, it won. I think this took me four hours over two days to clean and cut. Then that night it fulfilled it’s ultimate Halloween destiny. I took this over to a friend’s house as a showcase. I upped the anty just a little and used a paper towel roll instead of the normal toilet paper. It didn’t last nearly as long, but it was visually stunning! This is nearly a 7 foot wall of fire shooting out. Not just out of the top, but obviously out of the sides as well. It was brilliant.

flaming-pumpkin[1] – FocusWriter Theme – Flaming Pumpkin

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