It’s official, we’ve been bought out

Today, we change our name and merge with the regime, I mean company. This is by no means a surprise, but today it’s official. March 1st marks the end of the small company I joined back in August 2011 and brings me back full circle to the company I left in 2004. There are supposed to be a lot perks with this new company like tons of software, new hardware, training material, free certification exams and who knows what else. While nothing is supposed to change we all know it will. But hey, I’m still getting paid right? As long as there is a paycheck at the end of this tunnel I’m on board.

I will say the new company has been pretty generous with us. We already know new machines are coming, and they’re putting in cash for our new business office, which can’t be cheap. They also paid out on our stocks from the previous company and have made multiple concessions for the way we do our work.

This should be an interesting ride.

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