And then it snowed during the Run Jen Run 5k

The weather has been unusual and unpredictable and that was demonstrated quite clearly today when it started to snow, then turned into a blizzard during the Run Jen Run 5k.

The ladies had been training for their first run of the year and as we set out the light rain forecast a cold time. But then it got really strange and we saw flakes. By the time we got to the end it was actually snowing. Undaunted, the runners lined up and took off along the course.

About halfway through it really started to come down. It was damn cold and huge flakes falling. Right at the end it began to lighten and held off until we started to drive home. Then it unleashed a fury and turned into a damn blizzard! It’s March and there was a blizzard on the highway. It was about the craziest damn thing I’ve seen. On the one hand it was hilarious to see snow this late in the snow. On the other, it was cold and I had to stand out there in it. Worse yet, there wasn’t actually enough to make a snowman of any sort. If it’s going to snow there at least has to be enough to make a snowman, them’s are the rules!!


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