Lord British reveals a bold new project, Shroud of the Avatar

Out of nowhere, or at least out of nowhere to me, Lord British, aka Richard Garriott has announced his return to the gaming arena with a new project called “Shroud of the Avatar”. While it can’t be a successor to Ultima since Electronic Arts owns the rights to the name and the game, it will be the “spiritual successor” to the game and move the RPG in all new directions. It seems Garriott, and I agree, has gotten bored and frustrated with the “level grind” mentality of current games and wants a living breathing world we can play in. A game shouldn’t just be about clearing levels and then doing it again to find bigger and better armor and swords. It should be about exploration, discovery, working with the people that inhabit the game and vanquishing evil. From the description this game sounds like Diablo, Minecraft, Monopoly, the Sims and Second Life all rolled into one. Not only can you play the game your character will live there, make money, build a house and be part of community.

Perhaps it sounds a little cheesy in this day and age where everyone is disconnected and living vicariously through a digital avatar, but this sounds uniquely exciting. It seems to go far beyond a simple game and creates it’s own little world. Maybe we need to do a little more living in the world we’ve got, but damn this sounds exciting.

It’s been decades since the days of Ultima and nothing else really has compared. Diablo was amazing, but it’s roots are still Ultima. I hope this game comes to life. I want to see the master work his magic.

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