We’re bamboo growers!

When the got the property back in August, Donna and I had one of these wild ideas that we would grow bamboo on it. I love bamboo, it’s such a miraculous plant and now that people have discovered a multitude of uses, it makes it just that much cooler. I thought it would be fun to grow because it looks neat. Donna wants it because of the potential “eco” potential. Well, whatever the reason, we now have 20 plants growing on our property.

We met up with a friend of ours who specializes in the stuff and went down to plant them today. According to him the soil and sun are perfect for bamboo. It took about an hour for the four of us to get them in the ground. They don’t look like much now, but in a couple of years we should have a jungle growing. Once they establish themselves they should take off and start covering a large area. That’s a good thing since so much is covered by thorny, useless scrub brush. The bamboo should push that out but leave plenty of room for the pine trees. It should also help keep the soil from washing away.

I’m pretty excited about the prospects. Next up, vegetable garden.

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