Hello 4TB, it’s nice to meet you

The battle of the 4TB drives is already starting. Amazon put the Seagate 4TB External drive on sale and I just had to get one. It’s not just a matter of what, I need more hard drive space. Between the Virtual Machines, the DVDRips, the music collection and ISO images I simply don’t have enough space to store everything.

My movie collection is pushing the limits as it is. I’m converting all my DVDs over to the MP4 format so I can play them on the Mac and the iPad. AVI is great, but MP4 is taking over. Plus, I like the format. The goal is to copy everything to a drive then share that drive out so that all my movies are at the ready. It’s not a hard process, but it takes a lot of space.

I need to be a little more judicious about deleting files and cleaning my hard drives, but in the mean time this should last me awhile. At least until the next sale anyway.

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