And then we moved offices

The plan to move offices has been in the works for months. I remember hearing about it around Christmas. Well, today is the day. On this wet and rainy Sunday we are packing up and heading out. Some of the guys have already made the trek over to the new office with computers and monitors in tow. Since we’re a 24×7 shop we can’t all be off the network and away from the phones at the same time. We have to go in shifts.

Once they tested the network, made sure all the tools worked and confirmed we had soda in the building it was time for the rest of us to go. we grabbed 30 monitors, 5 computers and 4 laptops and made our escape.

The new office is smashing! It’s much bigger than our old space! It seems those in charge spared no expense in dressing this place we up. We don’t have cubes, they’re more like pods with three people per desk. We have all new appliances, sound dampening system. colored walls, big screen TVs, cable, wireless routers everywhere and our very own soda vending machine. Well, it’s costs a quarter, but I can deal with that. Or I can just bring my own.

We’re also surrounded by food. There are burger joints, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, places that sell subs and there is even a place for chicken wings which is going to be my ultimate downfall. It’s very likely I will make an ugly scene at a chicken wing buffet.

The only trouble with the new place is that none of us have card keys. That means if we stray too far not only will we get lost, but we won’t be able to get back in. We’ll be locked out with no network access! With all the excitement they didn’t get the card keys all registered. Oh well, a minor detail.

This is a pretty damn nice space. I would take some pictures, but I’ll wait until they get a few more things put away. It’s a but untidy in spots. It’s pretty tremendous effort though. We actually got moved in over a weekend.

All I have to do is remember to drive to the right building the next time I got to work.

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