Worst part about moving to the new site? No Eat Here Now

Well ain’t this some shit? When I worked at the web company we became big fans of the burger place, Eat Here Now. Not only was it a tasty burger it came in a hefty size. If the double patty half pound burger wasn’t enough they could upscale to a full pound. If you feel like tearing your pants and blowing out your colon you could for the full 2 pound burger complete with a pound of fries. Hell yeah!!!

But after I moved companies and got on this rotational schedule it was just too far to go to eat there. I missed the Cali burger and when word came we were moving in right new door there was much rejoicing.

Alas, now there is sadness. We are indeed right across the street and I can see Eat Here Now from the window. But they’re closed. They closed shop and took off right before we got here. They didn’t move to a bigger, new location. They shut it down and took off…

Why!!! Why couldn’t they have held on a few more weeks? Didn’t they know a bunch of burger loving middle aged guys were on the way?

Why must my burger love be cursed so?!

To add insult to injury, the Moe’s that’s a mere 100 yards away is closed as well.

If the wing place closes there will be hell to pay!

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