It’s the final hour of the Shroud of the Avatar Lock-in and Pledge Drive

It’s been one hell of a night full of great stories, memorabilia, wild drinking and tons of money has been raised. This truly has been the most amusing 24 hours I’ve had in a long time, even if I wasn’t there and was sober the entire time. If you haven’t already there quite literally are mere moments left to pledge your support. This is an awesome team and I have no doubt this will be an awesome game. And what a truly amazing group of fans Ultima and Lord British has!

This has been one hell of a fundraiser and I’ll be sad to see it come to and end. But wow, looking ahead, this will be a fantastic journey! The things they have planned for this game sound incredibly complicated and very cool. It may not all happen for “Episode 1″, but as they progress this game will have a little bit of everything. This sounds like a melding of Diablo and Minecraft. I just hope the crafting and social aspect doesn’t overshadow dominate all of the gameplay. I still want to get out there and hack and slash my way to victory.

I was able to watch a major portion of the fun even thought I wasn’t around for the deep night action. There was a flurry of activity at the end and I raised my pledge (yet again) to help reach the $2 million mark. But hey, it’s a Lord British game and that’s worth spending money on.

I have to say, I’ve never seen a dev team approach a game like these guys are. I’ve never seen that level of interaction with the public before. This goes far beyond simply wanted some people to test a game and file some bugs. They truly want people to offer up ideas, suggestions, feedback and they want to know what works and what doesn’t. Hell, they even want user submitted art to blend into the game. This really is turning into a game by and for the people. And that’s one of the driving factors that pushed me to keep upping my level of support. I want to be a part of that action. I want to watch these guys mold and shape this game based on user input.

I don’t know if there was a “best” moment to the whole event, other than the big finale where the shots flowed quite freely, but watching Stephen draw art for the game was very fun to watch. He has a very relaxed and soothing style like Bob Ross. He also was very informative on how he approaches making art and he uses colors and textures to build a scene. That was very fun to watch.

I did get a shout out from Lord British as he waved the Macallan bottle around in the final moments. If you listen at the very end of the event he says to keep the bottle for me. We struck a deal while no one was looking. If I actually end up with it I’ll tell you the whole story.

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