A trifecta of games – Indiana Jones Monopoly, Game of Life and Spider-Man

I had no idea there was an Indian Jones Monopoly let alone a Game of Life edition. How the devil did that happen? I really need to keep an eye on the toy stores. But wow, have you seen these?

The Game of Life is always fun, but when you add Indiana Jones it becomes something special. I have very fond memories of playing the computer game with my kids. It had little mini-games, silly little cut scenes and they loved spinning to see what wild job they would get. Who doesn’t want to be a rock star? I can only imagine what an Indy version would have been like to play. Well, at least I will have the board game. I managed to find one that was sealed. I don’t like buying open games because I want the thrill of opening it. Plus, I know all the pieces are inside.

Not to be outdone I grabbed an Indian Jones Monopoly and check out the presentation of it! Not simply a cardboard box, but an actual wooden crate as though it came out of the warehouse or off the boat. It’s absolutely fantastic. And yet again, these are becoming quite rare so finding a set that hasn’t been opened is a little tricky and pretty expensive. But the quest for awesome games knows no bounds! I had to add these to my collection. I will admit, I ordered one that was sealed and another that has been opened. I want to keep one in pristine condition. Oddly, the one that’s opened is a rare find on it’s own and is a misprint.

I think Indiana Jones was and is one of the best action/adventure films made. It was a great story full of awesome characters and fantastic treasures. I saw the movie when I was around 13 and remember all the snakes, the magic moment when Indy tries to get the idol and of course the rather gruesome end when faces begin to melt. After all these years that movie still stands up.

In conjunction with Indy, I added Spider-Man. And a rather previous generation looking Spider-Man. The one I recall from the early cartoons and I dare say from the Electric Company. Anyone else remember Spider-Man from that one? Honestly, I got this one because the board looks kickass, like a real piece of artwork.

image image

Monopoly: Spider-Man Collector’s Edition

Game Of Life Indiana Jones

Monopoly Indiana Jones Edition

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