The Burn Notice is Complete

One of my favorites has come to an end. All good things do I guess. I watched the very first Burn Notice the night it came out and I’ve been a fan ever since. Michael Westin was the MacGyver that used a gun. At least that’s what it was in the beginning. I think I preferred the “jobs” part of the series more than anything else. I enjoyed Michael and the team helping out the little guy and using household chemicals in a way that goes against the warning label. Plus, with the helpful voiceover letting us know what to mix and what to expect, it was both fun and educational.

Like a lot of other shows, as it progressed the conspiracy theory got a little heavy. That was fine in the beginning, but every time Michael gets close and pulls off the mask, we find it’s only a henchman and he’s no closer to finding the truth. That became a little frustrating after the 4 time. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me 5 times in a row and perhaps I need to watch something else.

The episodes were still good, but they became a little too confusing and we all knew Michael would never find what he was looking for.

But here we are at the end with Michael getting another chance to redeem himself with the CIA. Wow, will he ever learn? There are other jobs ya know? While there are plenty of twists and turns, it’s the final two episodes that turn the screws. Michael seems ready to give in. He’s caused problems and heartache for everyone around him. He’s put people in danger and got them killed. Is this still a mission or is he giving in? Can Michael actually have a life beyond the CIA?

I did find it funny that Sam got to say his signature line that has been part of the show since the first episode. “You know spies, bunch of bitchy little girls.” And there was a nice bookend of how Michael will tell Charlie about who he is and what happened. “Start by telling him the truth. My name is Michael Westin and I used to be a spy.” Almost makes you feel like this was Michaels diary.

I’ll miss the Burn Notice marathons we had. Several Saturdays were spent with pizza, chips and Michael Westin. With episode a cliffhanger, it’s easy to press play and go on to the next. Chores can wait until the next day.

It wasn’t perfect, but I’ll miss Burn Notice. I had fun with it. And I have no doubt there will be a Burn Notice marathon in my near future. It’s always fun to go back and see how it all started, especially when you know how it all turns out…

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