Speaking of board games, who remembers Mille Bornes?

I’ve never played this as a card game, only as a computer game and most recently on the iPad. It’s a wonderful French game where you just have to drive 1000 miles and play mileage cards to do it. If only it were that simple.

This is another one of the classic games that takes 5 minutes to learn, but a lot longer to master. You have to play offense and defense at the same time. You need to play mileage cards, but you also need to stop your opponent. In comes the hazard cards such as running out of gas, flat tire, accident or speed limit. But there are countermeasures and you can play puncture proof, extra fuel tank, no speed limit and expert driver.

The concept of such simplistic fun might be lost on some, but this game is a classic. It’s been redone a few times, but I managed to get an original 1962 edition from Ebay. The box was open, but it doesn’t look like it’s been played. Considering the age, it would be hard to expect there is a sealed out still out there. But hey, if it comes along I’d love to have it.



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