Pedal for Pediatrics – 60 Miles through Waxhaw

With the success of my last ride, the Morris Metric, I felt pretty confident and signed up for the Pedal for Pediatrics 60 mile ride through Waxhaw. Funny, how most of the rides seem to end up out there. Anyway, I felt quite prepared and ready to get on with the ride. However, the weather was going to throw a wrench into the works. To start with, it was a cold morning. That’s typical for this time of year and a set of arm warmers usually does the trick. The second part of the problem was the wind. I’m not sure how, but there was a headwind for the entire ride! We ride 60 miles into the wind no matter which way we turned! Being cold and riding into the wind does not make for a fun time on the bike.

But I persevered and made it all the way to the end. You forget just how much farmland is out in the Waxhaw area. Ride a couple minutes out of town and it’s a completely different place. I will say the organizers did a wonderful job of marking the road and manning the rest areas. They were extremely generous with following along behind us and making sure there was plenty of food. This was a much smaller bike ride, but a wonderful cause so I hope more people show up for the next one. The weather may have been a factor.

I approached this ride in a similar way as the other. I was in it for the long hail, eating plenty of food, lots of liquid, even though it was cold, and plenty of protein for breakfast in the form of the shakes. In case you’re wondering, there is a Special K protein shake with tons of vitamins that tastes very good. I had some the night before, the morning of, and one right before I started. I really do think they help.

The conditions may not have been ideal, but it was still a really good ride. Again, I rode it alone for the most part. I did manage to catch up with a couple different groups along the way, but I didn’t have a set agenda and rode at my own pace. Again, if I got left behind that was no big deal. I was more concerned with working the gears and keeping it easy on my legs than cranking up the speed. And with that headwind there was no speed to be gained!

A worthwhile and another fun time out on the roads of Waxhaw. The bike handled very well since the repairs. I did indeed have some loose bearings.

I think my next ride might be the Cotton Pickin 100. I did that one a couple years ago and it was really quite fun.

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Just shy of 61 miles and a little under 4 hours. Not my best time, but I easily completed the ride again.

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