The Talking Tick – Mighty Blue Justice

Do the Tick fans out there remember this one? The 16 inch Talking Tick from the 90s? He was in a box of mine out in the shed. It was time to bring him back in and put him back in my office where he belongs.

I got this new in the box in 1995 – from Toys R Us I think – so he is indeed a bit of a relic. He’s stood up well though despite some obvious discoloration in his chest. He’s gone from the dashing blue to a rather mucus green. But oh well, he’s still mine and still cool as hell.

But what if I could get my hands on a new one? Does such a thing exist? Oh yes indeed it does. Ebay is a wondrous place and there are plenty of Tick fans out there. I found a new, still in the box with twist ties still in tact version of the Talking Tick. He’ll be here in a few days. He has to make his way across the country. Apparently California is the place to be. The Tick will be leaving all that fame and fortune to come hang out in the South.

How, do I open this new box and spend another decade with my favorite superhero knowing he’ll tarnish and age like his counterpart? Or should he remain clean and new in the package like Stinky Pete and Jesse from Toy Story?

By the way, I also have all the PVC characters on my desk. The little 3 inch figures from the same time period. I have all of them including Dinosaur Neil. It’s time for all of them to come back out and play in the light. There’s also a box full of them still in their containers…


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