The IT Crowd Series Finale – Again, The Last Byte


The Geek Love is strong with this one.

The IT Crowd has once again gone off the air. This was a wacky spoof on how the IT field can be. And those of us in it, they hit the mark on more than one occasion. It was actually a BBC production, but IT is the same the world over apparently. There are those who know IT and those who don’t.

It all started with two geeky chaps stuck down in the basement of Corporate America. On the one side we have Moss, awkward genius with fabulous hair and on the other side we have Roy, just as awkward, perhaps not so much genius, not so much fabulous hair, but a fine t-shirt collection none the less. And then there’s Jen, their manager who lied her way through and actually knows nothing of IT. As we will come to know, Jen will be thrilled when “The Elders of the Internet” know her name.

The first two seasons were brilliant! There were only 6 episodes per season, but they captured a slew of geek humor, relayed the basics of computer troubleshooting, “have you turned it on and off again?” and the shelves and walls of their little basement space is lined with computer history and trivia. I’d be curious to know how many people can name some of the computers and games you see in the background. And yes, there is a picture of Bill Gates’ arrest photo on the wall, prominently displayed.

The second two seasons were good, but they lacked the same geek cred as the first two. They had some good moments, but they were going way out into left field with some of the stories. It’s not that the stories were bad, they just weren’t about the IT field and the “situations” were just a little too ridiculous. And they were kind of just awkward rather than funny. But oh well, they tried and for others I’m sure they’re just as good. Like I said, they weren’t bad, it’s just that I preferred the earlier episodes.

They go over computer troubleshooting, the awkwardness of dating, social media sites, problems of certain operating systems, how the nerds deal with football fans and the dangers of speaking too much cockney, plus their overall ambition to make it out of the basement and gain acceptance.

What’s funny is, the show went off the air twice already. They did the first two series and brought things to an end. There was a clamor for more so series 3 and 4 were made. But the fans wanted a real ending, a chance to say goodbye and wish them all well. And that’s what we just got, The Last Byte. And I have to say, I’m just as confused about their future as I ever was.

Roy is labeled a hater of “little people” after berating a barista while getting coffee and then finds himself at a funeral and pall bearer along with another group of little people. Jen makes the mistake of throwing rank coffee on the homeless and Moss finds his inner confidence when wearing women’s slacks.

Make no mistake, it’s funny stuff, but in the end you’ll be just as lost and confused as you ever were. And remember, don’t take that mild pepper spray from Moss.

It was a good run and it was good to see them back together again. Oddly, they could easily keep going with this show, but the BBC has run it’s course with this series and they’re on to something else. Still, if you haven’t seen the series it’s well worth it. Makes for some great weekend fun. Definitely worth spending a Saturday on the couch with snacks.

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