Halloween iPad with the Orange Silicone Jelly Skin Case Cover

The Halloween season is here and I’ve already decked out my iPad with some Halloween covers. I bought this several months ago and finally have a chance to show it off. Actually, it looks pretty sweet. It’s a nice vibrant orange and with the black screen of the iPad it looks very festive and Halloween indeed.

These are pretty decent cases (I have the grey one as well) and work really well when playing games for a long time, especially racing games. Your hand keep a firm grip on the device.

My iPad has already gotten plenty of recognition for it’s new color scheme. Whether or not that’s a good thing is a question for another time.

But if you want to make a bold and Halloween sort of statement, check out this case. It’s only $15.


Amzer Silicone Jelly Skin Fit Case Cover for Apple iPad 2 and iPad 3 – Orange

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