iOS 7 – Not quite as sassy as the previous versions

I really have to ask, what is the deal with these flat and bland operating systems Apple and Microsoft are vomiting out? I look at Windows 8 and it looks so generic and bland. It looks worse than Windows 3.1. The icons are so juvenile that it makes the OS look incomplete. I look at iOS7 and it has that same feel to me. It’s bland and flat. We’ve spent all this time developing textures, lighting effects, bevels and depth and now it’s all been thrown out the window and we’re back to graphics and images that look like they’re meant for a dumb terminal. What the hell?

It’s 2014, why the hell does the operating system have to look so damn ugly? We were on this wonder trend and it’s like we’ve taken a step backwards. For years WindowBlinds have given me a desktop that looked 3D with it’s curves and glass effects. Now Windows 8 looks like a 5 years was behind the design.

Not impressed at all.

I never upgraded my iPad to iOS6 and now it looks like I’ll wait until the bitter end to upgrade to iOS7. With all the effort put into Retina Displays and graphics output, why does the OS have to look like so primitive? Seriously, look at these two. The new version is ugly as hell.



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