Dead Man’s Draw Kickstarter Project

It seems the interest in a real version of the card game has sent Stardock over to Kickstarter to get the ball rolling on making a real card game of Dead Man’s Draw. The prototypes looks really neat and it sounds like the gang at Stardock actually used this to see if the game would really work before coding it. The cost of admittance is pretty reasonable. There does seem to be a tiny bit of confusion about the Tiers though. They don’t quite seem to match up. Normally, for each level you go up you get everything in the Tier below. Stardock seems to have things bouncing around a little bit. I’ll have to ask about that.

Either way, I’m throwing my support behind this. I think this would be fun as hell to play as a card game. I’ve already completely drained the iPad’s battery on the first day. I know some people at work that would have some fun playing this.



Dead Man’s Draw – A Card Game of Risk and Reward

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