Another Day Another Kickstarter Project

It really wasn’t my intent to get involved with yet another Kickstarter project, but the visual appear of the Steampunk Pirates Bicycle Playing Cards was just too much to pass up. It should be pretty obvious by now I like tabletop and card games. I’ve said it before, they are the real social network games. While I’m not exactly good at card games, I love playing them. I stumbled on this mashup of Steampunk and Pirates and fell in love with the visuals. I won’t say I’m a dedicated fan to Steampunk, but I love the idea and concept of it. To be honest, I think I just love that blend of wood and brass. Plus, the outfits are pretty chic.

Anyway, while looking at the Dead Man’s Draw updates I found this card deck set. It’s pretty cool. It’s just a simple card deck with new graphics, but the graphics are pretty sweet. It’ll certainly be a conversation piece. I mean seriously, who doesn’t want Steampunk Pirate Edgar Allan Poe?

Joining the Kickstarter project is pretty simple as you’re only paying for card decks. There were a couple of Limited Edition decks, but coming on the tail end means they’re all sold out. That’s too bad. But it’s still a nice deck of cards. And there’s only 3 days left in the pledge campaign.

Steampunk Pirates Bicycle Playing Cards – Printed by USPCC



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