A couple thoughts on Kickstarter projects

Now that I’ve backed a few projects, a few things stand out to me. And not necessarily in a good way.

The problem I have with several projects I’ve looked at is the Tier structure. It simply doesn’t make sense. In my mind, when you go up the Tier structure each new level should contain EVERYTHING from the Tier below. As an example, with Shroud of the Avatar, as you moved up the Tier you got more and more rewards for your money. It went from a copy of the game when it was finished, to a beta copy to Dev forum access, to a house, to a special weapons, to unique armor, etc. You didn’t have to pick and choose. Each time you moved up a level you knew you got “everything and more”. That’s the way it needs to be done. Add-ons are great for “extra copies”, but it’s not how you should build a pledge.

As an example, for these card decks, the Tier structure sucks. They come across as completely random. You can keep adding more and more card decks, but the Tiers don’t have coins or chips or bonuses added to them. Those have to be added separately. One of the projects has an awesome wooden box you can get, but you don’t get the coins or the chips that you get at a lower level. I’m paying more, but I don’t get the same items as people who pay less? That’s not good.

There is even one project where the Limited Edition deck isn’t even offered at the higher levels and you can’t add it as an option. What the hell are you thinking?

And by comparison, the level of communication is pretty weak. Where’s the record of what you’re doing? How about a video of making the artwork or something that explains the creation process? Sort of feels like I handed over my money and you disappeared.

I love the idea of Kickstarter and I want to see projects succeed, but Project Creators really need to think about what they’re offering and make sure that people at the highest Tiers are just as rewarded as people who pledge at lower amounts.

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