The Apple Event featuring the new iPad Air, Mac Pro and MacBook

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but the Apple Event seemed like a GIGANTIC slam to Microsoft. You will NEVER see Microsoft give away an upgrade to their OS and they will NEVER give away Office. But Apple did the double whammy and is giving both of them away. And no, it’s not just if you get a new computer. The OS X upgrade is free for everyone! And unlike a new version of Windows which makes old hardware run like utter crap, Apple claims all hardware will see a performance boost. That’s one hell of a claim.

I think it’s a stunning move by Apple. On the heels of Windows 8 being what many consider to be a flop, Apple is giving their OS away. And did you see that sweet new hardware? Seriously, the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro look sweet. Yes, yes, they are expensive, but damn I’d love to have one.

Just to say it, the Mac Pro looks sexy as hell! That is one wickedly cool looking machine! It has some impressive hardware as well. The processor, graphics and memory are pretty top of the line if you ask me. It’s expensive, but I bet that sucker is fast and hell and whisper quiet. I doubt the thing has any moving parts. Considering how optimized OS X is, I bet it runs a lot better on that hardware than Windows does.

While the iPad isn’t dramatically different, it does come in as being smaller and lighter and 64-bits of power. That will shake things up a bit. And there’s a 128GB model too. I wonder what that will do to the mobile gaming market?

To be honest, I want one of these new machines. I’m sick and tired of Windows and I have no love for Office. Both have become a bloated , unusable, unstable mess. I really like my new machines, but my desire for Windows is at an end. The idea of getting at least a Mac Mini is incredibly appealing to me. After using the iPad for 3 years now I feely myself getting ready to leave the Windows world, at least for my personal computers. It’s been tugging at me for some time now and maybe the winds of change are blowing. I’m seriously considering it these days.

But anyway, Apple is swinging pretty hard with this new lineup. They dropped the price, they made the OS free and they made iWorks free. That’s a tough act for Microsoft to follow.

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