The Princess Bride Playing Cards from USPCC – Kickstarter Project

I just came across yet another fascinating project on Kickstarter and it was funded right out of the gate. And as soon as you see it you’ll know why.

This is for a set of Princess Bride Bicycle Playing Cards and as we all know, The Princess Bride is one of the greatest movies ever made. Nearly 1300 backers would agree and the project was funded in less than 24 hours. Now it simply comes down to choosing how many decks you want.

But there is a slight twist. Stretch goals are on the way with different card backs done by different artists. This should make for some very interesting imagery and some really fun choices.

Since this is a brand new project, you can choose between 1, 2, or 3 decks. The price is a little higher than for other projects, but that’s due to the licensing. Still, this is an incredibly cool deck and it’ll be pretty unique and rare when it’s done. If you’re a fan of The Princess Bride, and quite frankly, who in their right mind isn’t, this project deserves your attention and support.

Anything less would be… well… Inconceivable!


The Princess Bride Playing Cards from USPCC

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