An Evening with Dylan Moran

image Last night we went to Founders Hall to see Dylan Moran and his “standup routine”. It’s a very simple one man show where Dylan gives his opinions of life, politics and relationships. For those that don’t know him, he’s was the sidekick in Sean of the Dead as well as the sidekick and trainer in Run Fat Boy Run. He was also the book shop owner in Black Books. Come on, you have to know one of those… Ok, he’s the foul mouthed Harry Potter, does that get you any closer?

It was a lovely evening! First off, it was a small and comfy venue with excellent seating and a full bar just outside the main doors in case you wanted to keep a drinking pace with Dylan himself. I like a guy that has a couple of glasses of wine with his commentary. You can trust a guy like that.

Dylan had some wonderful commentary about the South, America, government and relationships. He also had a few comments on kids, getting old and what it’s like to get food in a foreign country. Who knew he won’t eat any foods that are only 3 letters long.

I have to say, he’s a bawdy little chap when he gets going. But when you say those sorts of things with an Irish accent blended with the British accent it comes across as rather sophisticated and classy. I don’t even think they’re vulgarities anymore.

I can’t quite say there was a highlight of the evening because honestly it was all so damn funny. But I will say this new novel “Erotic Fiction Blockbuster” puts Fifty Shades of Grey to shame. It’s pretty sophisticated stuff.

On a final note, we had some spectacular seats. We scooped in and got the seats right when they went on sale and sat in the second row, two seats to the right of the microphone. It was pretty damn fun!

Oh yeah, had a brilliant Italian dinner at Villa Antonia before we went downtown to see all the loons crawling from pub to pub in a dress rehearsal for Halloween.

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