An infestation of mice – The CM Storm Xornet, the CM Storm Inferno, the Razer Naga Molten and the Logitech G700S

While the Logitech G700S and Razer Naga Molten came in at Supercar prices, that price doesn’t necessarily yield the best comfort and feel.

So here’s something you don’t see everyday, a mouse infestation you aren’t afraid of. After I made comment about my search for a decent mouse, a couple of the guys at work sent me home with some toys to play with. I had 4 at my disposal and took them for a spin around the mouse pad.

For this little roundup I had the CM Storm Xornet, the CM Storm Inferno, the Razer Naga Molten and the Logitech G700S. Right off the bat, one of these doesn’t have a cool name like all the others. Going to have to take some points off for that. If you’re going to make a gaming mouse it should came with some super cool name that’s spelled funny and instills fear in people when you say it out loud.

Moving on from there, here is a little info about each mouse and quite honestly none of them are bad, they’re just different in their own ways.

But first things first, any mouse that comes with it’s own instruction manual is awesome!!!

The Xornet is a simple mouse with a good scroll wheel (it clicks which I prefer) has two buttons on the side for Back and Forward in your browser and some rubberized pieces on the left and right for your fingers. They call this a claw style and it almost feels like a 3 button mouse the way your hand cups it. Your ring finger actually has a resting place. It’s a simple mouse, but perhaps a little small.

The CM Storm Inferno is the big brother of the Xornet. It has a lot more buttons, lights and comes with software for game profiles. It’s also quite a bit bigger. It’s more of a palm style and has a fair bit more weight to it. Did I mention it has lights? It backside lights up and who can say no to that?

The Razer Naga Molten wins the prize for most dazzling use of lights. The whole back end lights up and it pulses under your hand. It’s quite titillating. It has a similar feel to the Inferno albeit a little narrower, but has a bevy of buttons on the side that can be triggered by your thumb and they also light up and look sexy in the dark. To say it has a few buttons would be an understatement.

The blandly named G700S is the heaviest mouse in the lot, but it may have the most features. First, it has the side buttons, multiple gaming profiles, adjustable scroll wheel (it can click or roll) and a large cut out for your thumb so you can cup it lovingly. It’s also a wired and wireless mouse. It comes with a battery and antenna that charges when it’s plugged in. There is a secondary cable that allows you to hook up the antenna to the USB. And the antenna is stored inside the mouse because it’s damn small. It’s a cool feature, but that little door looks a tiny bit delicate if you ask me. Seems destined to break with all that opening and closing.

So, how awesome are all these mice? Well, in all honesty they are all pretty cool, even the Xornet – and not just because it’s name starts with an X, but that is a good reason.

The Xornet is simple and effective, but for $25 – $30 it’s a bit steep. For a few dollars more you can get the Inferno.

The Inferno is a pretty decent mouse with multiple profiles and has a good feel in the palm. The price is decent at $35-40. It has a bit of flash to keep things interesting, but still makes a good mouse.

The Molten has a good feel, lots of button and it pulses. Ok, lighting aside, this one feels pretty good too , but all those buttons might get a little confusing or may not even be worth it. It’s an MMO mouse so tooling around your screen in mail, browser and word processor won’t take advantage of those buttons. This rascal will set you back about $65-70.

The G700S (seriously, needs a cool name. It’s like the OWCA) is good, but not great. It can be a precise gaming mouse or it can act like a mild mannered desktop mouse. It also has a very nice contour and shape for your hand. It’s not going to glow and pulse or act like it’s going to shoot laser beams, which is a good thing for Corporate America these days. Walter from Sales may become scared of the glowing Death Star in the palm of your hand. But if you want some geek cred it won’t b e a problem. The G700S has a heft price tag of around $70-80 if not higher. And I got to mess around with the box which was the most convoluted thing ever.

Which is best? Other than the usual cop out of “it depends”, I’m going to say the CM Storm Inferno is the one I’m going with. It has a good feel, supports profiles, has plenty of buttons, a good scroll wheel and configurable software. And for the price it offers plenty. It can be a gaming mouse if you choose or a decent desktop mouse. I would say it’s the best “all rounder”.

For the money, neither the G700S or the Naga Molten impressed me. For the price of these mice I was expecting a mind blowing experience and it simply wasn’t. The Molten is too narrow and I won’t ever use those buttons on the side. The G700S is nice, but after awhile it’s just too damn heavy. It becomes a brick.

It’s not that these mice are bad, it’s just that for the Ferrari pricing I expected more. They really are specialized pieces that underwhelm when used in the mundane world of computing.

To make a long story short (too late), I prefer the CM Storm Inferno because it has plenty of gaming features for me and it makes a very good desktop mouse as well as a little dash of color to show off your geeky side.

In this instance, paying the higher price didn’t yield the better product.

Gratuitous mouse pictures!

 IMG_0185  IMG_0187 IMG_0189 IMG_0191 IMG_0192  IMG_0194 IMG_0195 IMG_0196 IMG_0197
CM Storm Xornet – Gaming Mouse with 2000 DPI Optical Sensor and Omron Micro Switches
CM Storm Inferno – Twin Laser MMO Gaming Mouse with MacroPro Key for Automated Commands
Razer Naga Molten MMO PC Gaming Mouse
Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

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  • Pete:

    I brought in the Logitech mouse and keyboard to give them a full day of trial to see how I liked them. The first hour of using the mouse was a little uncomfortable. By the end of the day I hated the thing. It has an uncomfortable shape, the texture of the padding where you rest your thumb is like sandpaper, it’s far too heavy and the buttons on the side are awkward. For an insanely expensive mouse there isn’t a single feature I liked.

  • Pete:

    The CM Storm Inferno just dropped in price to $29.99. That’s a great price for a really good mouse. Less than half of the other mice that I found extremely lacking.
    CM Storm Inferno

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