Judoom – Free Tabbed Word Processor for Writers

Since we’re on the subject of Text Editors, I was even if you weren’t, I came across another text writing tool that I wanted to share. This one is from BadWolfSoftware, the makes of PageFour and SmartEdit. They’ve recently developed a writing tool that gets the job done without all the bulk and waste you see in other commercial apps. As they say, it’s not for making tables, or charts, or putting together heavily formatting documents. It’s about writing, pure and simple.

Judoom (odd name) features a folder tree on the left and multiple tabs for writing on the right. To me, that’s all you need. It focuses you to the center of the page where you can get your work done. You’re notes can be open in one of the additional tabs and you also have the ability to create projects so multiple files all open together. This way you can your characters, scenes, notes and working story all open together. That’s pretty cool.

As for features? Well, don’t expect much. You get what you need in a decent editor that doesn’t clutter the screen, the ability to open and import files, the ability to save as txt, rtf for even Word doc. You won’t be overwhelmed with menu after menu of things you may or may not need to change. You won’t be put off by Styles that throw your document into formatting chaos. You won’t have a chance to leave your desk for drinks or snacks while the app loads. It’s far too nimble for that.

What you get is a very sweet looking word processor that gets right to the heart of writing. You won’t waste time playing with menus or getting distracted by features or frustrations. It’s a simple editor that gets you down to business. What’s more, it’s free. There is no paid version.

As the developers themselves say – “If you like simplicity, if you’re looking for a tabbed word processor, if you want to see the files you are working in right next to your word processor, then Judoom is the software for you.”

I have to agree. This is a nice piece of software and again should get you right on track with your novel writing in November for NaNoWriMo.

Judoom – Free Tabbed Word Processor for Writers
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