Why does it always have to be gaming hardware?

So I was disappointed in the gaming mice, but managed to find one that suits my needs. Now it’s time to turn my attention to a keyboard. And unfortunately the story’s the same – everything is geared toward gamers. The keyboards, the mice, the headsets, everything is geared towards a gamer. Ok, I understand, gamers need love too. And they have to cash to supplement those crazy high prices they pay for games, but what about the rest of us? I type thousands of words a day, I deserve a decent keyboard too. Why the hell isn’t someone making a keyboard focused on the system engineer? And don’t tell me it’s Microsoft, because by and large their keyboards are terrible. And yes, I’ve bought 5 different models. I owned several of the original Microsoft Natural Keyboard (in white), the new Natural Keyboard 4000, a couple editions of the “Standard” keybaord and the Media Keyboard 3000. And out of all of those the Media Keyboard 3000 is the only one I like, but the wired model is impossible to find anymore. You can get it in a wireless model, but I don’t like wireless mice and keyboards. I want them to be ready to work at a moments notice without looking for batteries.

But if I want a new keyboard everything I see has “gamer” written all over it. Where’s the “Office Lackey” or “Cubicle Dweller” models? I don’t want a mechanical keyboard, I don’t want to be wireless, I don’t need multiple rows of “gamer keys”, I don’t need detachable pieces, I don’t need keys that light up (although that is kind of cool so if that comes as part of the deal I won’t be sad) and I don’t need it to cost $150 and have the name of some game splattered across it.

I want they keyboard you can sit down and write a technical manual on. I want the keyboard with quiet, but tactile keys. I want to push them and know they’ve responded, but I don’t want them clicking at me. I don’t need keys to turn up the volume or start Media Player or launch a browser or open email. To hell with those keys. They’ve been on keyboards for years and I’ve never used them.

I write things. Many things. Things with words. Come on, why isn’t there a keyboard for writers? The Microsoft Media Keyboard 3000 is pretty good. It’s simple, but effective. But it’s fading into the ether. What do I replace it with?

I need a keyboard I can use 12 hours a day, at work, to log into servers, run Pwoershell commands, write emails to customers, write case notes so people know what I did while logged in and be wired so it can plug into the docking station my laptop sits in. I have simple demands, it should be that hard.

Put it this way, who wants to write a Haiku on a gaming keyboard?

That’s what I’m saying to you.

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