The final hours for Oracle – Mystifying Playing Cards

This spiritual set of playing cards has already been funded, but now the question is, by how much? It’s the final hours of the campaign and a new surprise has been added. If all goes well and we hit the $50k mark in pledges there will be a bonus woodcut print of the Oracle talking board. Many of us know it as a “Ouija” board, but due to copyright they can’t use that term. I’m not under those same restrictions.

I’ll be pretty excited to get a handmade, signed and numbered edition of this little gem. This is a pretty sweet deck of cards and I have two on the way. They are so unique that I’m torn as to whether I plan to open and share them with others or simply tuck them away for safe keeping.

If you haven’t put in a pledge, there is still a little time left. Lots of slots available for a single, double or even more deck of cards. Bringing these out on Halloween next year is surely going to get people talking. I’ll be showing these off as soon as they come in. That won’t be until March, but it’ll be here faster than you know.

Oracle – Mystifying Playing Cards


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