Where to get a cheap copy of Microsoft OneNote 2007?

Since I found all these other OneNote replacements, I spent some time trying to find a bargain on the real thing. Since OneNote 2013 is out I figured there had to some sort of sale or discount out there. Turns out the best deal for OneNote 2007 is on eBay.

I know what you’re thinking – it’s bad business to by a product you have to activate from a place like eBay. Who knows what the previous owner did right? I hear you, but you can find many copies of OneNote that are still sealed in their CD sleeve and that’s where the CD Key is. To that end I found multiple copies of OneNote for $15 and even picked up a copy for less than $5, including shipping.

I checked the sellers and they were pretty reputable with 500-1000 people leaving positive feedback. I’m going to take that as a legit source for software. And honestly, I think these are cast off copies of OneNote. I think they may have been giveaways or were included as part of a bundle and never used. From everything I can they’re good and unused copies. The seller certainly says they’re new and haven’t been activated so if there’s a problem I should have no problem in getting my money back.

But to be honest, I’m kind of excited. It’s nice to know there is a source for cheap copies of OneNote out there. At least for now. I don’t think it’s a huge supply and since I just grabbed 2, the pool is getting smaller. I want to make sure I have working copies for the future. Like I said, I don’t like the interface to OneNote 2013. That whole Office 2013/Windows 8 look and feel is horrible to me. The 2007 version had just the right mix of menus and menu bars.

Anyway, OneNote is an awesome tool for writing down your ideas and actually writing full on articles and stories. Buying the full version can be expensive, but a quick search on eBay will net you some nice deals. Right now I see quite a few copies for $15 or less. Many of them have free shipping. Just make sure the package is still sealed and they specifically mention is HASN’T been activated.

I have a copy coming this Saturday which makes me quite happy. Good luck in getting yours!


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