An HP Pavilion ZV5000 From Beyond the Grave! Or from the back of my closet

Wow, check out what I just find in the back of my computer closet. It’s one of the very first laptops I ever bought. The original was a Dell of some model that has since disappeared from the face of the Earth. But this HP Pavilion has just resurfaced and the damn thing still works. It’s running XP and by the look of things the last time it was actually turned of was 2355 days ago. That’s around 6.5 years ago.

I bought this from BestBuy and it’s a 1.6Ghz AMD Athlon chipset with a staggering 512MB of ram. It does have a 15 1/2 inch screen and Harmon/Karden speakers in it. Back in the day this was one hell of a machine. By no means is it sleek and portable. But it ran like a champ. Perhaps it still does.

I fired it up and Windows XP came to life and asked me to log in. There’s only been one issue and that’s the wireless network. It’s simply too old to connect to the router, but I had a spare $10 Airlink USB antenna and now it’s back on the network and communicating with the outside world.

Some of the software is utterly defunct and clearly out of date, but it does have Office 2003. I really have no idea what to do with it other than play Pandora, but considering it has some decent speakers in it, that may not be a bad idea. I suppose it will be a chat client and maybe it can sit off to the side and play a DVD or something. Not really practical since I have so many bigger and better monitors at my disposal. But I’m just amazed I still have this lying around and that it still works. The possibilities aren’t quite endless, but it might still have some life left.

Oh, and the battery is dead. If you unplug it to move it, the whole thing shuts off. That’s too be expected though, 6 years have passed since that battery was viable.

Anybody got any thoughts on what I can use this for? I’m sure there are plenty of other people out there with hardware just as old as this. Have you seen some of my old tower systems?

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