Young Indiana Jones Boxed Set

I’m a huge fun of the original Indian Jones movie and to this day think it’s one of the best adventures movies ever made. I like the additional sequels, but they didn’t quite capture the excitement of the first one. And we shant speak of that Crystal Skull dreck.

Besides the original movie, Lucas actually made a damn fine series of back stories for Indiana Jones. Not just a few simple bit pieces, but a slew of complete movies that follows Indy from his early childhood through his adolescents. We see his naivety with the world, his early explorations and discovery of new cultures, to his misadventures with love, to his involvement in the war, to the loss of a dear friend, to friendship with his father. The Young Indiana Jones series covers three eras and covers around 30 discs. I originally saw this series decades ago and thought it was campy good fun. Not every episode is a gem, but taken together they make for a great time. This is fantastic stuff to watch on a cold winter day.

The thing was, the boxed sets were all $100 a piece. That’s over $300 for the entire collection. Well rob me blind and call me Sally! I don’t that kind of cash!

The years passed and I all but forgot about this set. Then, I found out there was an Indian Jones Monopoly board, decked out in a wood crate just like we see in the movies. My interest in the series was sparked and I went backed and watched the original movie. It’s still fantastic.

Then I started looking for the Young Indy series and low and below the price had dropped dramatically. Like so many other things on Amazon, the prize has been all over the place. But I’ve kept my eye on it and this Black Friday weekend was my moment to strike. The price for each Volume dropped below $25. I simply couldn’t pass that up. That’s around 30 hours worth of movies and documentaries for $75. And each one comes with Amazon Prime shipping.

Yes, these came out in 1992 so they aren’t HD or Widescreen or any of that, but I can look past that. This is good old fashion action/adventures that you can sit down on couch with a bowl or two of popcorn and have a blast with. I can’t wait for these to get here. With the weekends getting quite cold and rainy, I’ll have plenty to watch!

Anyone else remember watching this series?



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